The Materials Auditing module aims to help the channel upload the promothion material for auditing .

The auditing can help avoid the deduction caused by illegal material promotion.

Please upload the promotion material through the materials auditing module,

then the audting result for the material can be gotten in the management.

Here is the materials auditing guidance.

STEP 1 Enter Material Auditing

1. Enter the Material Auditing module by click the upload of Material Auditing of Promotion Policy

Step 2 Download the Zip

1. Download the zip example to fill in the information

Step 3 Fill in the Information

1. Decompress the zip to get the CSV file to fill in the information, the CSV includes the following parts:







(Facebook/Google Adwords/Cheetah/My Target/Others)

ExplainFill in the pubProduct

Choose the platform the list


Picture name

picture format

the more you describe the picture, the higher rate you will get through the audit

the reference website
Exampleruixue@seoiweUCNewsGoogle AdwordsFoobar_1.gif


STEP 4 Compress the CSV and Picture

1. After fill in the information on the CSV, need to compress the CSV and the picture directly. Please compress the CSV and picture together directly, do not compress the file folder.

The following is the example:

The right way (can see the picture and csv directly when open the zip):

The wrong way(can not see the picture and csv directly when open the zip):

STEP 5 Upload and Submit the Zip

The description can be filled on the page directly and the description supports different languages.

STEP 6 Check the Process of the Auditing

Tips during material uploading

1. The file "material_list" only supports "csv " format and the file can not be named in Chinese.

2. The names of material pictures only can combine with letters and numbers, except Chinese, space and punctuations.

     Error Example 【头条物料.jpg】(X)【uc material.jpg】(X)【uc;material.jpg】(X)

3. The product name only support “UCNews”, “UCBrowser”, “Aliexpress”, “9Apps” ,“Vidmate”,“Vmate”. You can not have any change in format by yourself.

     Error Example 【UC News】(X)、【ucnews】(X)、【UC Browser】(X)、【Uc Browser】(X)

4. The size Zip file is limited within 10M, or will not upload it successfully.

     If beyond 10M, the Zip file can be divided into a few ones limited within 10M.

5. Thematerial pictures can support jpg\jpeg\png\gif in format.

     The material videos can support mp4\wmv\avi\3gp\3g2\3gpp\mkv\rmvb in format.